The low down on Pools

Perth offers fantastic weather for relaxing by the pool and entertaining outdoors with friends and family. To ensure your investment is both visually stunning and functional, there are some questions you must consider when you’re looking to build a new pool or renovate an existing pool.

swimming pool constructionSize and orientation

The first and most important step is to inspect the space you’ll be working with and choose a pool that is appropriately sized for the area and your requirements. While inspecting, keep in mind that you need to factor in living space and landscaping around your pool area. You need to consider not only the size of the pool itself but also if you will need an area for lounging, deckchairs and entertaining within the fenced pool area. The pool should make the most of the available daylight for natural solar heating and be placed at a distance from existing mature trees that may drop leaves. You also need to consider the location of the pool pump, cover and accessories for suitable storage. Your landscape architect or designer can cleverly design and incorporate these into the pool space so they fit seamlessly into the design.

Above-Ground vs in-ground

Depending on your site, ground conditions or sloping areas, this may steer you towards an above ground pool. Above ground pools are typically constructed of concrete and designed to minimise pool fencing and increase visual access and flow within the garden. Fibreglass pools have transitioned from the typical kidney shape to a more refined design style where with the right paving choices they can look just as striking as concrete. Ultimately, your design intentions, budget and pool location will drive your choice of pool type.

Pool renovations

The most common reason for embarking on a pool renovation project is to reclaim space or update the shape and style of the pool. An old pool may show signs of fatigue and need a facelift to bring it back to life, or the pool may have been designed in isolation, not considering its relationship to the home or alfresco spaces.When undergoing a pool renovation the first step is for a qualified landscape architect or designer to assess the current pool to suggest modifications to provide a more aesthetically pleasing and functional pool. Cosmetic changes may include reducing the size to utilise space in the landscape, retiling, replastering or lining. The most important thing is to make the pool an asset within the overall landscape.TDL offers a wide range of pool refurbishment services. Our pool landscaping services are unique with high impact.

Landscaping Tips

For new pool owners and renovators, landscaping around your pool should create an environment where you can entertain and relax. Here are a few things that can help you with pool landscaping:

Pool Renovations

Plant foliage adds beauty and cools the pool area. To avoid spending more time cleaning your pool than swimming in it, consider adding plants like Star Jasmine, Agave and Mondo Grass. Chat to your local landscape architect or designer and they’ll help you find plants that will compliment your pool setting.


It will keep you and your family safe and in some cases add an element of privacy. The type of fence you choose depends on your aesthetic preference. Fencing options typically include glass, aluminium and masonry walls. Glass has a luxurious feel that allows the fencing to disappear and showcase the pool as the feature. Aluminium and steel fencing is a more cost effective solution, and if placed correctly in the right garden can fit well.

Pool Lighting

Lighting within and around your pool is critical to its success. Not only does it create an atmosphere within the pool space, it adds to the feel of the whole garden and home, sometimes visually extending your home at night. For energy-efficiency, try LED lights. They are easy to maintain and are cost-effective to leave on for extended periods of time.

Shade and accessories

Whether it is a built form (alfresco style) or natural (trees), shade is important to the success of a pool space. Too much and you will have a cold pool, and too little and the time a pool can be used will be limited in the hottest months. Having a shade over the pool is often a consideration for those with young children, while a space to retreat to and relax by the pool in the shade is also important. Choosing and designing around your favourite piece of poolside furniture, or better still building in some poolside furniture can often drive the size and shape of the covered space. Also, consider a poolside shower or water feature to add to the pool design.

Pool heating

A well-located pool can add a month of swimming time either side of summer through passive solar heating of the pool. Unfortunately, this is not always possible and other supplemently alternatives need to be considered. Fully understanding initial and lifecycle costs of the various heating options (most commonly solar, gas and electric) and their size and space requirements are worthwhile prior to installing your pool. Screening and positioning of these along with the pool pumps and filtration away from your pool living areas and alfresco spaces is recommended.

The idea of pool landscaping is to create an environment that is comfortable for you to relax in and a showpiece to draw the eye. Pools and alfresco living areas are the hubs of outdoor entertaining, so enjoy the process and have fun.

For expert pool design and renovations, contact us.

The truth about autumn and winter gardening

KEIJ_022Be more proactive in the garden

Many people associate summer and spring as perfect planting weather, but don’t be fooled by warmer temperatures. In Australia, spring periods can be brief and summers vicious. Autumn is actually the perfect time for planting. Autumn and winter are fairly gentle and will allow your plants to settle in and produce many roots prior to a hot summer.

Putting the garden to bed for the winter is more than just a matter of cleaning and covering up. As signs of cooler weather rear their heads, plants prepare for dormancy. Clearing out the dead stems and foliage and removing leaf litter will reduce the possibility of their harbouring disease, pathogens and insect eggs over the winter, which will ensure their survival over the colder months.

While it appears as if all activity in the garden has stopped, there’s a lot going on under the soil. Trees and shrubs are all growing roots, drawing on soil nutrients and the moisture around them.

Earthworms and microbes in the soil are still processing the organic material they’re finding. Most likely, the mulch you spread to protect the soil during the summer months has substantially decomposed as well. It’s important to spread new mulch – a thicker layer – to protect plants and soil over the cooler months. The idea is not so much to keep the soil warm, as it is to keep the temperature even.

Here are some additional tips on how to maintain your garden during winter and autumn:

  • Plants can regenerate from root cuttings. Remove lower leaves from the plant and cut beneath a node using sharp scissors. Dip cuttings into hormone powder and pot in small containers with a premium potting mix. Keep them moist and shelter them from strong wind and sun.
  • Rejuvenate tired lawns with an autumn feeding to prepare them for the onset of the cool winter weather.
  • Transfer the leaves that fall on your garden and lawn to the compost bin on a regular basis. Believe it or not, they will smother your plants and grass.
  • Move potted tropical plants into more protected spots – perhaps onto a veranda or porch.
  • Reduce watering of your potted plants as they require far less water when the weather’s cooler.
  • Prepare planting holes for new roses and fruit trees by digging compost and well-aged manure into the soil.
  • Construct protective frames around the plants that are likely to be damaged by the cold.

Maintain your garden during winter and autumn:TDL recommends that clients have their gardens mulched over the winter months. We recommend enriching the soil with organic materials, soil wetting agents and slow release fertilisers. This ensures that your garden has everything it needs to be in full bloom, bringing your garden to life and giving you a dazzling display when the warmer spring months arrive.

If you are interested in having this work completed over the cooler months, please feel free to contact us so we can provide you with an obligation-free quote.

Perth businesses chip in to give a family the home of their dreams

The reaction of Katrina Donovan and her four children when their dream home was revealed to them on Channel Seven’s Today Tonight was everything we had hoped it would be.

When Tim Davies Landscaping was approached by Interior Designer Christie Blizzard to help aid Katrina to rebuild their family home after tragically losing her husband a few years ago, we knew we could offer our time and services to assist in the design and construction of their outdoor landscape.

Tim Davies, Managing Director said, “We can’t always plan for what the future throws at us, and it takes a great person and mother to do what Katrina has done. I’m glad we had the opportunity to be involved in the project working alongside the generous businesses of Perth to give this family a truly enjoyable home and landscape.”

The story was aired 04/04/2016 on Today Tonight and Sunrise as well as being published in the The West Australian – you can find out all the details via The Anthony Donovan Project Facebook page.

Visit TDL at the Pool, Spa and Outdoor Living Expo this weekend 2-3 April

If you are thinking about embarking on an outdoor renovation project then no doubt you will want to visit the Pool, Spa and Outdoor Living Expo this weekend, 2nd – 3rd April, at the Claremont Showgrounds in Perth.

Alongside the latest products and innovations in outdoor living, TDL will be there to advise and inspire people to create enjoyable outdoor living spaces which are both beautiful and functional.

Our design managers will be manning the stand to answer your questions directly. We invite you to bring along your plans and photos to find out how you can best utilise the space you have to achieve your idea of ‘gardens for life’.

If you can’t make it this weekend then we are still here to help – please use our enquiry form and contact us today.

Summer tips


  • Move less hardy pot plants to shadier areas.
  • Apply wetting agent to lawns and gardens and water in well.
  • Continue dead heading flowers to encourage new flushes.
  • Check reticulation watering days are in keeping with approved days.
  • Shorten rose stem length when dead heading, to keep in check. Fertilise roses regularly.
  • Newly planted seedlings must be kept damp.
  • Use seaweed extracts regularly to address heat stress (soil drench or foliage spray).
  • Tie up tall growing flowering annuals/perennials, sweet peas, foxgloves , Queen Anne’s Lace, Delphiniums, etc..
  • Spray aphids with pyrethrum , as necessary.
  • Watch for fungal problems such as powdery mildew and sooty mould. Apply lime sulphur or copper oxychloride.


TDL feature in the Webb&Brown-Neaves Momentum Magazine

The Webb&Brown-Neaves Momentum Magazine was distributed in The West Australian and Sunday Times at the end of April. It features 7 steps to creating your dream home.

Our Senior Landscape Architect, Tristan Peirce, was interviewed for advice about personalising a home through landscaping.

Click here to view the article.

LIAWA Awards 2011

TDL WINS FIVE AWARDS in the Landscape Industries Association of Western Australia’s 2011 Awards of Excellence.

The Landscape Industries Association of WA (LIAWA) held their annual Awards of Excellence event at the Burswood on Friday 3rd June. The event was attended by a cross section of the landscape industries, affiliated associations and industries and government representatives.

The night was a huge success for Tim Davies Landscaping winning five awards and being a finalist for a further five across several categories.

Novotel Ningaloo Resort – Our award for Environmental Excellence

TDL wins the Australian Landscape Industries Association’s 2009  for our work on the Novotel Ningaloo Resort.

The Awards for Excellence were announced in Adelaide.

In a media statement the President of the Landscape Industries Association of WA, Tim Richards said: “TDL designed and constructed a landscape that captured the unique character of North West Australia.

At the time of commissioning in 2006, the Novotel Ningaloo Resort was one of the world’s largest remote projects. The TDL team had to create a landscape that was environmentally sustainable, water sensitive and low maintenance.”



This story featured our very own Tim Hills and his role in rescuing a six-metre tall Magnolia tree.The tree was on a property that was about to be bulldozed when Tim spotted it. It was delicately removed from Woodlands and replanted in a new residence in Mosman Park.

WE WIN SIX AWARDS in the Landscape Industries Association of Western Australia’s 2008 Awards of Excellence.

These awards included Overall Commercial/Government for BHP Billiton’s Nicholls Place Eco-Village in Newman as well as the Commercial/Government over $300,000 category.

We also won the Waterwise Garden Open Residential/Commercial category for a Satterley Display Home; Best Special Feature for a West Leederville Residence; Maintenance Commercial for Brightwater Kingsway Court and Maintenance Residential for Weatherley Place.