D & C approach


The design and construction (D&C) contract is a modern alternative to the traditional method of principal-led design development followed by a construct only contract.

Design and Construction contracts are becoming more prevalent across most industries in WA, particularly the landscape industry.
TDL possess strong awareness of the design and construct methodology through exposure to these contracts via developers, builders and project management teams.

Steering clear of the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, TDL develops and delivers a unique quality design service that offers solutions for enduring impact and visibility through the life-cycle of the landscape.

Our dedicated constructions teams have the capability to deliver small, medium and large commercial projects across a variety of arenas including;

  • Industrial projects
  • Hospitality Venues
  • Civic buildings and facilities
  • Government projects
  • Educational facilities
  • Residential estate developments

The 3 key benefits of adopting a design and construct contract approach for your project is captured below:


One of the most advantageous elements obtained from a D&C contract is the time savings. While the traditional method of 100% detailed documentation has its distinct benefits, the process is often exhaustive and time consuming, which is reflected as additional costs consumed on consultant design fees. By comparison, the D&C approach is more agile enabling a quicker time to market as builders are engaged earlier once the brief has been established and concept designs drafted.


Transferring the design and other project risks to TDL, the client essentially reduces their risk of which would traditionally be borne by them. Design errors or omissions occurring through the project become the ultimate responsibility of the design and construct team. By transferring this accountability, a subsequent incentive is established ensuring a more vigilant delivery, where traditionally, the consultant is less incentivized to be as heedful due to their lack of liability.


Much like landscape architects are experts in their respective field of design, builders are the experts at construction and harbor a wealth of knowledge when it comes to constructibility, materials and contemporary construction technologies.
Through the design and construct process, TDL will work add value through the design process to ensure highly detailed components can be constructed as intended, while providing the added value of a cost control function by providing real time construction budgeting to instill confidence with the client that the design will comply with their budget.


TDL’s approach always considers budget and program constraints, the appropriate integration of amenities and services, and the subtle integration of lighting and irrigation. The team works closely with architects and stakeholders to produce relevant planning documents and drawings, and all designs are mindful of water conservation and environmental sustainability.

With the flexibility to scale up resources as necessary, our teams pride themselves on their capability to meet time frames and budgets and most importantly, complete projects to the highest standard.

D&C Services

Produce landscape plans for Development and Building License approvals

Concept drawings, sections, elevations and perspectives

Projected landscape budget estimations

Landscape and Irrigation Performance Specifications

Dedicated construction teams

Project Management

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