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Just like your home itself, your pool and surrounding outdoor spaces are a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. You need to invest time in the planning process in order to achieve the best results.

So if you are thinking of embarking on a pool project, here are our top tips to consider;

Choose the right location. Before you start picking out pool furniture, you need to consider any existing buildings and trees, retaining walls and your sewer easement. You also need to think about where you can place your pool so you can enjoy views from your living areas. Once you’ve found the right location, your garden and alfresco areas will start to form around it.

Consider your lifestyle. Do you want to use your pool to swim laps, host Gatsby-style pool parties or just enjoy some family fun? The people who will be enjoying your pool are an important factor in choosing the size and shape of your pool.

Factor in extra space. Along with your pool, you’ll need to allow space for your pool equipment, wet areas and essential safety considerations such as fences. You might also need an extra soakwell and an area to backwash as part of maintaining your pool.

How the pool fit within the surrounding garden. It is sometimes tempting to fill as much space within the garden with a pool, but always worth considering other uses of the garden and ensuring you get the proportions of the garden right.

Fencing and access. Where possible, minimise the impact of the pool fencing and try to avoid restricting access from one side of the garden to the other.

Pool surfaces surrounding the Pool. The surface around the pool is critical. Ensuring the surface underfoot is soft and does not attract too much heat is important. Natural timber under shade is a great solution and a soft travertine stone paver is great in the areas exposed to a little more sunlight. All of this needs to match with your home and overall design style you are trying to achieve.

The internal layout of the pool. A seating ledge, safety ledge in the deep end for the kids or steps all the way across the shallow end to achieve a more traditional look? The depth of the pool is always something worth some consideration, some opting for shallower pools.

Pool finish. This is another design consideration. The colour render/ colour of the fiberglass, type of tiles etc… can make a dramatic difference to the look of the pool area. Greens, greys and lighter blue/ white have been popular over the last year.

Do your homework.  Take a close look at display homes, magazines and online resources such as Pinterest, Houzz and Contemporist. These will help you find the inspiration you need to share your vision with your landscaper.

So, whether you are in the market for a new pool or are undertaking a pool renovation project, TDL Pools and Gardens have the expertise and experience to ensure the end result is both visually stunning and functional.

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