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TDL offer the full range of services essential to the creation of successful outdoor spaces – Design + Construction + Maintenance.

Landscaping is often mistaken as being “just plants”, where, in fact, it actually encompasses every element outside of the home. From planting, irrigation, pavements and decking, to retaining & boundary walls, lighting, pools, structures and garden ornamentation, if it’s outside the home, we can provide a solution for it.

Whether you require assistant for a new garden, or you want to upgrade your existing garden, our talented team of landscape architects and designers will work with you to develop a concept that is unique, elegant and most importantly reflects your personality and lifestyle.




The term “softscape” refers to all the living, growing and changing (horticultural) elements of your landscape. This portion of the landscape includes features that are commonly referred to as “garden”, i.e. plants, trees, ground covers, etc…

Plant selections are made in conjunction with the design brief so that they match the style and function of the overall landscape. In order for a planting palette to be successful, we give careful considerations to the local climate, light requirements, the type of soil and space requirements. Softscaping elements can be used purely to complement a home’s architecture, for privacy screening, to direct flow or even create a working food source. In any instance, they add to the experience of nature’s beauty.

Really, softscaping is the icing on the landscape cake!


A carefully considered swimming pool design and location is essential to be able to take advantage of the space and provides opportunities for family and friends to relax, play and gather.

Other considerations when designing a pool include pool lighting, water depths, tiling options, heating, automation solutions etc. The options are endless!

Alternatively, if you already have a pool but it’s looking a bit tired, or could be more functional if it was a different size and shape, then why not consider a pool renovation. We can resize, reshape, recolour or refinish your pool to suit its new surrounds.

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Australians enjoy entertaining and relaxing in the great outdoors, so it comes as no surprise that the fundamentals of modern alfresco areas have evolved to include more than just an outdoor setting and barbecue. These days, they are truly an extension of your indoor living and dining areas.

Ideally, your outdoor space design should seamlessly integrate the indoor and outdoor areas of your home as well as complement the home’s architecture and overall landscape. It should be functional all year round and keep in mind things like protection from direct sun and glare, shelter from the wind, adequate space for furniture, and a preparation and serving area for food and drinks.


Lighting is often the final piece to the puzzle for your outdoor space. It not only creates a sense of atmosphere for the garden from within the house, it enhances the interaction of the garden and home and provides an increased perception of space.

The functionality and aesthetics of an outdoor space is very different at night; designing the lighting specifically to your needs will ensure you garden entertaining is carried out to its full potential from day to night.

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